Top Travel Packing Tips – Bring What You Need but Travel Light |

Use a great travel packing list as a key to a low-stress and happy vacation or business travel trip.

With the web there’s no excuse to not use a great travel packing checklist to speed your travel packing and ensure enjoyment. Packing correctly – bringing just what you need, but not one iota extra – can lighten your physical and mental load. By carrying less you’ll move around easier, yet the trick, of course, is being sure you haven’t forgotten anything essential.

Tip #1: Leave home and office in good order. Make sure your home is all buttoned up before you leave and that pets and plants will be taken care off. Leave keys with a neighbor so they can access in case of emergency, empty your refrigerator and stop routine deliveries. In the office, nothing supports a successful trip than a clean desk and empty email in box – schedule a few hours of blocked out time the day before your trip to catch up on all urgent office matters.

Tip #2: Make packing easy by using a great travel packing checklist. There’s no excuse for not using a travel packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything essential. You can use a web search engine to search for ‘travel packing list’, ‘travel packing tips’, or ‘travel packing checklist’ or see the end of this article for a link to my favorite printable travel packing list. Find one you like and print it out. Use it religiously.

Tip #3: Bring the bare minimum. Nothing adds to stress and tiredness on travel like having too much and too heavy of a luggage burden. I always recommend that, once you’re all packed, try carrying all your luggage for 5 or 10 minutes – say around a city block. This begins to simulate the short hauls you’ll have on your trip. After your test haul, you’ll be motivated to lighten up. Find items you can do with out.

Tip #4: Learn and improve. As you use your packing list have a system for marking it up. You might cross out any items that you didn’t bring, and check marks next to the ones you did. No, here comes the critical step – bring the marked up printout with you on your trip. During your trip, if you find you need something that you didn’t bring, note it down on the list. And, just as importantly, at the end of your trip take a moment and find those items you brought, but that you can live without next time – and cross them out. As your packing list gets dog eared and marked up, consider typing it into your computer so you have your own custom list (you don’t have to type it in from scratch, just select and copy the original web list you started from and paste it into your word processor – you can then start editing this complete list).

That’s it – travel light but without out missing any essential items. Use your travel packing list religiously and hone it constantly.

How Can a Medical Alert Bracelet Save Your Life When You Travel? |

In addition to always protecting yourself with travel insurance when going on vacation, a traveler that has a serious medical condition should consider wearing a Medical Alert Bracelet.

If you have a medical condition and get sick or injured while traveling, wearing a Medical Alert bracelet can literally save your life. Here is some information on a great American non-profit organization that provides a valuable service for travelers.

When you join this non-profit healthcare organization as a TravelPlus member, you will be eligible for these benefits.

The well-trained, multilingual staff, will help you find a physician when you are traveling out of the country. They will be able to communicate with local medical personnel providers in foreign countries to determine what treatments will be necessary to help you.

They will get in contact with your family members. You will also be able to send emergency messages to your relatives, friends, and business associates as well as receive emergency messages, toll free, 24/7.

You have twenty-four hour access to informational services regarding travel documents such as a passport, travel visa, and immunization certificate that you may require to travel to your destination.

You can also be covered for pre-existing medical conditions whether you are on vacation or on business travel.

In addition to all the above benefits, you may be eligible for medical evacuation to another medical
facility, or you could be repatriated back to the United States.

At the present time, this program offered by, is only available to members living in the United States.